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Top 6 Modern Third Year Anniversary Gifts - Crystal/Glass


Crystal and glass items can be difficult to purchase. Does your spouse like heavy, solid glasses or light, small ones? Do you often have fresh flowers in your home? If not, don't buy a vase unless you are prepared to buy the flowers for it on a regular basis!

1. Prisms

polarica/E+/Getty Images
Remember the scene from the movie "Pollyanna" with the prisms? We both love prisms. We have the small ones hanging in windows throughout the house to catch the sun and make magical rainbow designs on the walls. Bob even has a crescent shaped prism hanging in his workshop window.
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2. Candleholders

Pick out some pretty candles and set the scene for a romantic evening for two.
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3. Vases

If you purchase a glass or crystal vase, give it filled with flowers!
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4. Sunglasses

You should be able to find some that are chic or sophisticated for your mate!
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5. Mirrors

Lots and lots of styles of mirrors are available to choose from. There are make up mirrors, vanity mirrors, grand hallway mirrors, dresser mirrors, quaint ones and gigantic ones. Write a love note with the gift expressing how your loved one reflects light and love in your life.
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6. Wine Glasses

A pair of wine glasses and a bottle of wine, along with some bread and cheese and an impromptu picnic would make a great gift!
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