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Top 10 Traditional Third Year Anniversary Gifts - Leather


Who doesn't like leather? It is sturdy, luxurious and rich looking. Lots of things are made in leather, too, so you have a wide group of items to choose from.

1. Leather Clothing

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When purchasing clothing for your spouse, check their closet first for correct sizes. A nice leather jacket appeals to most everyone. Leather pants aren't for everyone though.
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2. Leather Shoes

Make sure you have the correct size before you buy shoes for you spouse. If possible take a comfortable old pair of shoes with you to make sure that you get the right fit.
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3. Leather Belts

What can we say about belts? I wouldn't be too thrilled to receive one as a gift, but they are practical. Make sure your spouse likes or wears belts before purchasing one. Don't forget to check size too.
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4. Leather Desk Sets

Does your spouse like to keep his/her desk organized and uncluttered? A leather desk set may be just the right gift. It wouldn't work for either of us. We would just lose it under the pile of papers on our desks.
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5. Leather Handbags

Be very, very careful in selecting a handbag for your wife. Women are picky about the purse they carry. It took me 2 hours to select my last one. I had to make sure it had enough little sections and pockets to keep things organized, yet not be too big at the same time.
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6. Leather Wallets

Be careful in selecting a wallet for your husband. Bob has several brand new ones stashed away because they weren't exactly what he had before.
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7. Leather Briefcase

If your spouse is a person-on-the-go type, then a new briefcase may be appreciated. Knowing how your mate organizes papers and documents will help in selecting the right one.
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8. Leather Backpack

A leather backpack can be utilized in so very many ways including camping, travel, and for a romantic picnic.
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9. Leather Luggage

Surprise your spouse with some new luggage along with airplane tickets to a romantic destination for the two of you.
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10. Leather Gloves

This category can include mittens and gloves for driving, baseball/softball, gardening, hockey, batting, golf, boxing, cricket, paddlers, rafters, skiers, work, and snow, along with open fingered, elbow length, and fancy gloves.
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