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4th Wedding Anniversary

Here are ideas, gift suggestions, and symbols related to the 4th wedding anniversary.

Reader Suggestions for Fourth Anniversary -- 4th Wedding Anniversary …
Here are suggestions from readers on gifts to give and how to celebrate your fourth wedding anniversary.

4th Anniversary Celebration Suggestions - Ideas and Symbols
Representing the blossoming partnership of a couple in their fourth year of marriage, flowers are appropriate and meaningful gifts for this anniversary. Here are some 4th wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose gifts associated with your 4th marriage anniversary.

Modern 4th Anniversary Gifts - Appliances
We really hope you pass on this one and choose the more traditional gifts of flowers and fruits instead. However, if you must buy your spouse an appliance (shudder!), then at least make sure it is something he/she will use and not just take up space in a cabinet.

Traditional 4th Anniversary Gifts - Flowers and Fruits
Flowers as the language of love started back in the 1600's. They are still a powerful communication tool today.

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