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Top 6 Traditional Fourth Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts - Flowers and Fruits


Flowers as the language of love started back in the 1600's. They are still a powerful communication tool today.

1. Anniversary Bouquet

This traditional bouquet has been a well received gift over the years. How about adding a dinner out with it?
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2. A Dozen Roses

Many say that nothing says you care as much as a dozen roses!
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3. Romantic Bouquets

This assortment of lovely bouquets includes balloon bouquets with messages of love.
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4. Bud Vase Bouquets

Let your spouse know you are saying "continue to be mine" with one of these bouquets.
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5. Fruit Baskets

Lots of goodies to choose from in beautiful baskets.
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6. Flowering House Plants

If your spouse doesn't have a green thumb, skip these. I have to apologize to plants that are brought into our home, because I know they will have a short life span.
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