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Make Your 50th Wedding Anniversary a True Celebration of Your Love


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The golden anniversary is one of the most celebrated wedding anniversaries. And rightly so!

Spending half a century in love with one person is a wonderful statement about the gift of married life.

Here are some 50th wedding anniversary ideas and symbols to help you choose gifts associated with your 50th golden marriage anniversary that will be both personal and meaningful.

50th Anniversary Traditional Gift:


50th Anniversary Contemporary/Modern Gift:


50th Anniversary Gemstone:

Gold or Imperial or Golden Topaz.

    Optimism and wealth are often associated with gold.

    Not only is the metal gold beautiful, it is strong, and resistant to corrosion.

50th Anniversary Color:


50th Anniversary Flower:


If you want to give a rose symbolic of the golden anniversary, here are a few to check out:

    Gold Symphonie
    Golden Anniversary
    Golden Beryl
    Golden Celebration
    Golden Future
    Golden Handshake
    Golden Kiss
    Golden Memories
    Golden Mimi
    Golden Wedding
    Golden Wedding Anniversary
    Golden Wedding Celebration
    Good as Gold
    Happy Anniversary

Ways to Celebrate Your 50th Anniversary:

  • Use sparkly gold glitter on flowers, cards, centerpieces, gift wrap, balloons, etc. Set the table with a paper gold tablecloth, rent china and crystal with a gold trim, use gold looking votive candles, place flowers in gold colored vases.

  • Renew your marriage vows.

  • Toast one another with a golden colored sparkling wine such as a Chardonnay.

  • Plan a picnic with paper gold-colored plates and cups.

Gift Suggestions to Purchase for a 50th Anniversary:

When considering gifts for the 50th anniversary, think twice before purchasing anniversary plates, jewelry, knick knacks, etc. as many senior citizens are trying to reduce clutter and possessions in their lives. A dinner at a special restaurant, a trip, coupons to help with chores, etc. will probably be more appreciated.

  • Purchase tickets for a movie, sports event, concert, theatre, etc. and wrap with a gold ribbon.

  • Plan a trip to the Gold Coast or to a Gold Mine.

Gift Suggestions to Make for Your 50th Anniversary:

  • Create a poem, write it in gold ink, and display it in a gold colored frame.

  • Put together a family quilt comprised of each square done by a family member or close friends.

  • Make a wish tree. You can use a big branch that you paint gold and decorate with gold ribbons, ornaments etc. Fill the branches with pictures of major events in your life, people who love and cherish you as well as tickets for a trip, travelers checks, gift certificates for different events and restaurants you could use on a trip, etc.
  • Assemble a memory photo album with pictures highlighting 50 years together. Include the wedding, children, grandchildren, friends, trips taken together, homes lived in, etc. A nice addition is to include stories from children and friends.

Time Capsule Ideas for Your 50th Anniversary:

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