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Top 10 Modern 7th Year Anniversary Gifts -- Desk Sets


Although the Seventh anniversary is not considered one of the special ones, it is still important to remember this wedding anniversary!

Finding a unique gift using the modern desk set suggestions can be difficult. You may be able to find a desk set that combines your spouse's interests with the practical aspects of a desk set.

1. Lapis Lazuli Desk Set

If your spouse collects globes, this desk set combines a globe, clock, pen and letter opener.
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2. Millennium Leather 5-Piece Desk Set

This five piece set includes a letter opener, pen/pencil holder, letter holder, business card holder, and a 4 x 6 memo case. Made from cowhide.
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3. Rosewood Desk Set

Combined with a clock, this desk set holds business cards and pens. The set can be personally engraved.
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4. Movado Desk Set

This aluminum desk set by Movado has a clock, ballpoint pen, recessed paper clip trays, and an engraving plate.
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5. Golf Desk Set

If your spouse loves golf, you can combine that passion with this desk set that features a clock housed in an antiqued silver golf ball. The set also has a pen and pen holder and an engraved plate.
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6. Loricron Mahogany Desk Set

This mahogany desk set features a pivoting clock and two pens.
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7. Walnut Desk Set

This desk set has a walnut finish, quartz clock, black engraving plate and a pen.
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8. Hummel Figurine Desk Set

If your spouse enjoys Hummel figurines, this "Just Business Hello" desk set is a perfect gift. It features a clock, pen holder, and a young business man talking on a rotary phone that sits on an old fashioned desk.
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9. Roll Top Desk Set

This desk top organizer will help your spouse keep everything neat and in place. It has a roll top compartment, a small drawer, and two slots. It can be personalized.
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10. Desk Set -- DVD

Spencer Tracy and Kathryn Hepburn star in this delightful comedy of a mismatched couple finding they are a perfect match.
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