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Top 10 Traditional 7th Year Anniversary Gifts -- Copper or Wool


Although the Seventh anniversary is not considered one of the special ones, it is still important to remember this wedding anniversary!

Finding a unique gift using the traditional copper or wool suggestions can be difficult. Here are some ideas to make your seventh anniversary a bit more romantic.

1. The Tingler

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Although this looks like a Medieval tortue device, it is a marvelous head massager. Made out of copper, it magically touches acupressure points on your spouse's scalp. Batteries aren't necessary -- just you.
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2. Copper Water Fountain

The sound of cascading water is very soothing. A copper water fountain is a gift that can not only be relaxing but also romantic.
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3. Copper Vase

Many copper vases are hand made with patience and love. Finding a beautiful copper vase for your spouse will reflect your appreciation of the love and patience invested by your spouse in your marriage.
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4. Copper Mirror

Pick out a copper framed mirror to grace your home and to show your awareness of the love for one another that the two of you show to others.
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5. Copper Mailbox

Pick out a copper mailbox for your home and make yourself a promise to fill it on a regular basis with romantic cards or notes. A love letter now and then would be a good idea, too.
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6. Wool Scarf

A wool scarf is especially appropriate if your wedding anniversary is during the winter. It shows your concern with keeping your spouse warm and healthy during the cold months of winter.
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7. Copper Bracelet

Copper bracelets come in a variety of designs such as Celtic, Scottish, Welsh, and Southwestern. Many are etched and hand made. Pick out a copper bracelet with a design that has special meaning to the two of you.
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8. Wool Sweater

Wool sweaters can symbolize warmth and caring for your spouse. Pick one out that is comfy, a favorite color, and the right size.
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9. Copper Sunglasses

Pick out a pair of copper framed sunglasses for your mate if your wedding anniversary is during the summer months.
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10. Aran Wool Sweater

The stitch of 'Marriage Lines' on Aran sweaters have zigzags that represent the ups and downs of married life.
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