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The Eight Marriages of Mickey Rooney


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Mickey Rooney's Fifth Wife -- Barbara Ann Thomason (1958-1966)
Mickey Rooney and Barbara Ann Thompson

Mickey Rooney dances with his wife, Barbara Ann Thomason at a party at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Hollywood, California on July 26, 1962.

Photo: Jack Albin / Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Barbara Ann Thomason aka Carolyn Mitchell aka Tara Thomas: January 25, 1937 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Barbara: When she was just 29 years old, on January 31, 1966, in a murder-suicide, Barbara was killed by her lover, Milos Milosevic in Los Angeles, California. 

How Barbara and Mickey Met: 
In 1958, Mickey and Barbara were introduced by Bill Gardner, a car salesman, who introduced Mickey to Barbara at a nightclub. 

Wedding Dates and Information:
Although Mickey and Barbara were married secretly in Mexico on December 1, 1958, they were remarried on May 18, 1959 -- just hours after his divorce was final from Elaine. 

Mickey: "Elaine gave us permission to get married last December. We went over the border from Texas to get the divorce in Mexico. It took about five days and then we got married. I wanted Elaine to go through with the California divorce to protect herself."
Source: Bob Thomas. "Mickey Rooney Weds Starlet." Billings Gazette. Billings, Montana. 6/4/1959. pg. 7.

Barbara and Mickey had four children together. After her death, the children lived with their grandparents.

  • Kelly Ann Rooney: Born in 1959.
  • Kerry Yule Rooney: Born in 1960.
  • Michael Joseph Kyle Rooney: Born in 1962.
  • Kimmy Sue Rooney: Born in 1963.

Barbara: Model, dance instruction, beauty queen, actress. 

Separation and Divorce Plans: Problems in their marriage led both Barbara and Mickey to contact divorce attorneys in September 1964. They reconciled and moved out of Beverly HIlls to Brentwood. In December 1965, Barbara and Mickey were legally separated. On January 19, 1966, Mickey filed for divorce citing mental cruelty. He named Milos Milosevic as corespondent in the suit.

Quotes About the Marriage of Mickey Rooney and Barbara Thomason: 

Michael Rooney: "He [Mickey] doesn't like talking about it at all. But we've talked a couple of times. He told me that my mother was one of the most wonderful ladies he had ever met, that she was really nice, a caring person, she was wonderful with us and loved us all. At that point, I really needed to hear that."
Source: Emma Brockes. "Murder in Tinseltown."  TheGuardian.com. 10/17/2005.

Mickey: "Gosh, I've been happily married for seven years now. I wonder what's wrong? I'm different now. Barbara and I have four lovely children. I love my family. I love my home. And we go to church every Sunday. I believe I have found true happiness."
Source: James Bacon. "Rooney Happily Married." The Lowell Sun. Lowell, Massachusetts. 7/16/1965. pg. 20.

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