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Marriages of Cliff Robertson


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Marriages of Cliff Robertson
Cliff Robertson

Actor Cliff Robertson pictured smoking, circa 1955.

Photo: Pictorial Parade / Archive Photos / Getty Images

First Marriage -- Cynthia Stone (1957-1960)

Second Marriage -- Dina Merrill (1966-1986)

Cliff Robertson Information:


Clifford Parker Robertson III: September 9, 1923 in La Jolla, California.


Cliff: September 10, 2011 at the age of 88 of natural causes in Stony Brook, New York.


Cliff: Actor, writer, producer, pilot, speaker, and director.

Cliff Robertson Marriage Timeline:

1956: Cliff and Dina Merrill first met and became friends.

1957: Cliff and Cynthia Stone were married on June 28, 1957.

1959: Daughter Stephanie was born.

1960: After separating in late 1959, Cynthia and Cliff divorced in June 1960.

1966: Dina Merrill and Cliff were married on December 22, 1966.

1969: Daughter Heather was born.

1986: Cliff and Dina divorced.

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