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Timeline and Marriages of Ernest Borgnine


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Timeline and Marriages of Ernest Borgnine
Ernest Borgnine in 1957

Studio portrait of American actor Ernest Borgnine.

Photo: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Marriages of Ernest Borgnine:

Ernest Borgnine is one of the celebrities with the most marriages. His marriage to Ethel Merman was one of the shortest marriages and his May-December marriage to Tova Traesnaes was long lasting.

First Marriage -- Rhoda Kemins
Married: September 2, 1949
Children: 1
Divorced: August 29, 1958
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Second Marriage -- Katy Jurado
Married: December 31, 1959
Divorced: June 3, 1963
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Third Marriage -- Ethel Merman
Married: June 27, 1964
Divorced: July 28, 1964
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Fourth Marriage -- Donna Rancourt
Married: June 30, 1965
Children: 2
Divorced: January 1, 1972
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Fifth Marriage -- Tova Traesnaes
Married: February 24, 1973
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Ernest Borgnine Information:


Ernest Borgnine aka Ermes Effron Borgnino: January 24, 1917 in Hamden, Connecticut.


Ernest: At the age of 95, on July 8, 2012, Ernest Borgnine died from renal failure in Los Angeles, California.


  • Nancee Borgnine: Born in 1952. Her mother is Rhoda Kemin.
  • Sharon Borgnine: Born in 1965. Her mother is Donna Rancourt.
  • Cristofer Borgnine: Born in 1966. His mother is Donna Rancourt.
Ernie: "It wasn't a miracle that it all worked out for us: it took a lot of hard work and forgiving, on their part. But they did it -- we did it -- and have never, ever taken our relationships for granted."
Source: Ernest Borgnine. Ernie: The Autobiography. 2009. pg. 242. [Paperback]


Ernest: Actor, producer, writer, U.S. Navy veteran. More About Borgnine's Naval Career.

Ernest Borgnine Timeline:

1917: Ernest Borgnine born on January 24, 1917.

1949: Ernie married Rhoda Kemins on September 2, 1949.

1952: Daughter Nancee born.

1958: Rhoda and Ernie divorced on August 26, 1958.

1959: Ernie married Katy Jurado on December 31, 1959.

1963: Katy and Ernie were divorced on June 3, 1963.

1964: Ernie and Ethel Merman were married on June 27, 1964.

1964: The divorce papers for Ethel and Ernie were filed on July 28, 1964.

1965: Ernie and Donna Rancourt were married on June 30, 1965.

1965: Daughter Sharon born.

1966: Son Cristofer born.

1972: Donna and Ernie were divorced on January 1, 1972.

1973: Ernie married Tova Traesnaes on February 24, 1973.

2012: Ernest died on July 12, 2012.

Ernest Borgnine's Marriages
  • Ernie Borgnine and Rhoda Kemins
  • Ernie Borgnine and Katy Jurado
  • Ernie Borgnine and Ethel Merman
  • Ernie Borgnine and Donna Rancourt
  • Ernie Borgnine and Tova Traesnaes
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