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Timeline and Marriages of Ernest Borgnine


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Ernest Borgnine's Second Wife -- Katy Jurado (1959-1963)
Ernest Borgnine and Katy Jurado

American actor Ernest Borgnine and his wife Katy Jurado toasting each other during the gala after the world premiere of the Italian film 'King Of Poggioreale'.

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Katy Jurado aka Maria Cristina Estella Marcella Jurado de Garcia: January 16, 1924 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico.


Katy Jurado: At the age of 78, Katy died from a heart attack on July 5, 2002 in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico.

When Ernie and Katy Met:

Katy and Ernie met in 1958 while working on the film The Badlanders.
"She [Katy] and Borgnine were soon lovers off screen too, and in 1959 they entered into a stormy marriage. After their divorce in 1964, Borgnine reported: 'Katy was beautiful. But a tiger.'"
ource: "Katy Jurado." Telegraph.co.uk. 7/09/2002.

Wedding Date and Info:

Katy and Ernie were married on December 31, 1959 in Cuernavaca, Mexico.


After several blow-ups, separations, and reconciliations, Ernie first filed for divorce in January 1961. Katy filed for separate maintenace in September 1962 and Ernie again filed for divorce in December 1962. Although they were telling reporters in March 1963 that they still loved one another, they finally divorced in June 1963.
"Their one-year marriage, enlivened by many a spat, fell apart yesterday when Borgnine sued for divorce, charging extreme cruelty."
Source: "Ernest Borgnine Sues for Divorce." The Albuquerque Tribune. 1/13/1961. pg. A-11.


Katy: Actress.

As husband and wife, Ernie and Katy worked together on the movie The Italian Brigands in 1961. She played his fiery wife.

Previous Marriages:

Katy's first marriage was to author Victor Velasquez.
"... the daughter of a former landowner stripped of his property during the revolution. The cinema soon attracted her, and she [Katy] made her first film at 16, after marrying the author Victor Velazquez, which enabled her to act in films without her parents' consent. The couple had two sons, but divorced in 1950." (Note: Other sources show 1943 as when they divorced.)
Source: "Katy Jurado." Telegraph.co.uk. 7/09/2002.

Quotes About the Marriage of Ernest Borgnine and Katy Jurado:

Katy: "Love is wonderful."
Source: "Ernest Borgnine Set to Wed Mexican Actress Katy Jurado." Racine Journal-Times. 9/15/1959. pg. 15.

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