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Timeline and Marriages of Ernest Borgnine


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Ernest Borgnine's Fourth Wife -- Donna Rancourt (1965-1972)
Ernest Borgnine in 1970

American Oscar winning film and television actor Ernest Borgnine, in Rome to star in the film 'Black City'.

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Donna Anna Rancourt: Abt. 1933.

Wedding Date and Info:

Donna and Ernie were married on June 30, 1965 in Juarez, Mexico.
Dorothy Kilgallen: "Ernest Borgnine and Donna Rancourt, who got married in Mexico, plan to go through another wedding ceremony in California when Ethel Merman's divorce becomes final in October."
Source: Dorothy Kilgallen. "Actress Reported Smitten." The Galveston News. 9/07/1965. pg. 4-B.


  • Sharon Borgnine: Born in 1965.
  • Christopher E. Borgnine: Born in 1966. Cris is an actor, cinematographer, and producer.


Donna and Ernie divorced in 1972.
Ernie: "I could have understood it if I had been playing around on location. Maybe then I'd have deserved it. But I haven't been a player. I turn into a celibate on location -- because I do respect my family and have felt such strong love for them."
Source: Marilyn Beck. "Down Filming in Mexico, Ernest Borgnine Receives Divorce Message." The Salt Lake Tribune. 5/19/1972. pg. C9.


Donna: Stand-in for Yvonne De Carlo, child actress.

Ernest Borgnine's Marriages

  • Ernie Borgnine and Rhoda Kemins
  • Ernie Borgnine and Katy Jurado
  • Ernie Borgnine and Ethel Merman
  • Ernie Borgnine and Donna Rancourt
  • Ernie Borgnine and Tova Traesnaes
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