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Ernest Borgnine's Fifth Wife -- Tova Traesnaes (1973-2012)
Tova and Ernest Borgnine

Tova and Ernest Borgnine in Los Angeles, California on January 29, 2011. They were attending the rehearsals for the 17th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

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Tova Traesnaes aka Tove Traesnaes: November 17, 1941 in Oslo, Norway.

How Ernie and Tova Met:

Tova and Ernie were introduced to one another by his friend Marty Allen in 1972.
Suzanne Adelson: "After his last divorce, in 1972, Borgnine recalls, 'I was so depressed, the last thing I wanted to do was to meet another woman.' But his close friend comedian Marty Allen thought otherwise and arranged for Traesnaes, who then had a makeup boutique in Las Vegas, to be Borgnine's blind date at Allen's birthday party. Recalls Borgnine: 'We started talking. Next thing I knew, everyone was ready to go home —- and we were still talking.'"
Source: Suzanne Adelson. "With His Fifth Marriage, Ernest Borgnine Finally Has a Face-Saver: Wife Tove." People.com. 8/17/1981.

Wedding Date and Info:

After being engaged for 11 months, Tova and Ernie were married in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 24, 1973.


Tova and Ernie had homes in Beverly Hills, California and in West Chester, Pennsylvania.


Tova: Businesswoman, cosmetics entrepreneur, author.
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Previous Marriage:

Tova was previously in a four-year marriage that ended in divorce. She has one son, David Johnson.

Quotes About the Marriage of Tova and Ernie Borgnine:

Ernie: "I never got married with the idea of getting divorced. I always wanted a happy home. Tove and I have trust and communication, two things I lacked before."
Source: Suzanne Adelson. "With His Fifth Marriage, Ernest Borgnine Finally Has a Face-Saver: Wife Tove." People.com. 8/17/1981.

Ernie: "...and she's made me a much happier man. She's made all the difference in the world."
Source: Marilyn Beck. "Down Filming in Mexico, Ernest Borgnine Receives Divorce Message." The Salt Lake Tribune. 5/19/1972. pg. C9.

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