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Resources for couples to go for help if they need marital advice for difficult times in their relationship.
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When Your Spouse Asks for Advice
Giving advice to your spouse can be a tricky proposition. Here's how to not make things worse.

What is Your Magic Formula For a Perfect or a Great Marriage?
What is your magic formula for a perfect or a great marriage?

Marriage Advice From Mom -- Best Marriage Advice From Your Mother
What is the best marriage advice you received from your mother?

Marriage Magic Formulas
Are you looking for the magic forumula for the perfect marriage? Many theories exist as to what is takes to have a happy marriage.

Ten Words of Marriage Advice
The collective wisdom about marriage is fascinating but some advice is long-winded. What is your best marriage advice in ten words or less?

Does your Marriage Need Help?
All marriages have good times and some bad times. Don't let small issues develop into large ones. Here is help in working through your marriage problems.

What to do When Your Spouse Doesn't Want Change
Trying to change one another doesn't work. The only person you can change is yourself. It's a big mistake to marry someone one with the idea that you can make them "better" in the future.

Kristin Armstrong's Advice to Brides
Kristin Armstrong advises brides on their wedding day to stay true to themselves.

Fox Broadcasting Company's "Marriage 911"
Fox Broadcasting Company's "Marriage 911" launched on April 25, 2005. Only time will tell if this type of reality television with lots of marital bickering will be desired by the television viewing public. Hopefully those who watch will take some of the good advice offered by the show's marriage therapist. Here's our take on the television show.

Television Therapists
Before you turn to one of the television therapists for help in your marriage, there are two things you need to find out.

Why your Therapist is not your Friend
Ethically, and professionally, don't expect to become friends with your therapist.

Is Your Marriage in Trouble? Therapy May Not Help
Susan Gilbert, of the New York Times, writes that marital therapy does not work as well as it should for many couples seeking help. Here are some key points in her article.

Help for Troubled Marriages
If you think your marriage is in trouble, do not wait. Seek professional counseling or attend a marriage course or weekend experience as soon as the warning signs appear.

What We Wish We Had Known Years Ago
Here are things we know now that we would have liked to have known when we were first married.

The Worst Marriage Advice Ever Received
Couples like you often share what they've learned about marriage. We asked readers to share the worst marriage advice they ever received.

The Best Marriage Advice Ever Received
Couples like you share their marriage wisdom. We asked readers to share the best marriage advice they ever received.

Why it can help a troubled marriage.

What do I do when.....?
Here is a listing of an ever growing collection of articles on topics like fighting fair, making mutual decisions, dealing with abuse and more.

Relationship Articles by Dr. Ellen
Ellen Kreidman, Ph.D is a popular author of books on relationships. She has a combined B.A. in psychology and education and a Ph.D. in human relations.

Marriage Advice From Dad -- Best Marriage Advice From Your Father
What is the best marriage advice you received from your father?

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