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The Worst Marriage Advice Ever Received

Misguided Wisdom


Couples like you often share what they've learned about marriage. We asked readers to share the worst marriage advice they ever received.

  • "When you and your wife are arguing, remember that even if you're right, you're wrong. Just let her win." ~ Ibn Tumart

  • "The worst relationship advice I ever got was from a couple of different people. IT was... play down how smart you are... men are put off by smart women. First from a woman at my church when I was a teen (she was promoting fascinating womanhood, back then... my dad told me to ignore her) and later from a friend in college. I ignored it -- and most guys who dated me sort of showed off my intelligence to their friends (as an oddity or a good thing, who knows) but it also meant I ended up married to a smart man who was specifically looking for a smart woman, and who found my ability to talk to him about many topics a good thing." ~ shopper113

  • "The worst advice I ever received was, unfortunately, from my dad. When I told him about everything that has been going on with my marrige (read "failing Marriage"), he told me to 'stick it out'. I think he told me that because he just did'nt want me to have to move back to his house, which was not something I wanted to do anyway." ~ fkh38

  • "...it's just a midlife crisis -- be patient, he'll get it out of his system and come home." ~ deblgus

  • "Always remind her who wears the pants in the family." ~ Data10000

  • "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach." ~ Olive Wakeman, in a note to Elizabeth Taylor before her wedding to Nick Hilton.
    Source: House of Hilton, page 183

  • "My girlfriends mom told her to make sure she marries a man that loves her more than she loves him. That way he will not stray. I thought that was horrible advice." ~ tjmac66

  • "It wasn't really advice, but more or less my dad's philosphy of his current marriage 'I know what it takes to make it work with her, so I do it.'" ~ s91601

  • "don't know if it's the worst but it's odd. My FIL told my husband when we were engaged that we will never make it if we don't BOTH have a masters degree in something!" ~ GirlyGirl220

  • "Don't have kids right away. "steve" is not ready to be a father. This was from my husband's brother's wife. She thought he was too immature and would be a bad father. We got pregnant a year later (much to her dismay) and we ended up with 3 in 3 years and had our 4th 6 years later. DH is an awesome father." ~ tjmac66

  • "If my husband acts up, then I should withhold sex. He'll come around pretty quick and do whatever I want to get it back. Thank God I tossed that one out ... I mean if my husband is acting up why should I deny myself sex?? WTF? No way dude!!" ~ JessVa2

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