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Alternatives to Marriage

Although marriage as a lifestyle is beloved by many, matrimony isn't for everyone. Here are articles about alternatives to marriage.
  1. Agreements
  2. Common-Law Marriage
  3. Cohabitation

Why Bother?
The decline of marriage.

Is Lifelong Marriage Obsolete?
In her article, "On marriage: Let's call the whole thing off", author Sandra Tsing Loh asks the question, "isn't the idea of lifelong marriage obsolete?"

The State of Our Unions
The 1999 results of the Rutgers National Marriage Project.

The Alternatives to Marriage Project
Resources, advocacy, and support to people who have chosen not to get married, are unable to marry, or are in the process of deciding whether marriage is right for them.

Against Marriage and Motherhood
A feminist perspective by Claudia Card.

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