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Creating Memorable Anniversary Celebrations


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The No Gift Dilemma
Photo: Plush Studios / Getty Images
Photo: Plush Studios / Getty Images
If the anniversary couple asks that they not receive gifts on their anniversary, they have their reasons for making the request. They may believe that they don't need any more stuff. They may not want their guests to feel obligated to bring a gift. They may feel uncomfortable receiving gifts.

It is important that you honor and respect their choice.

Some Alternatives:

  • Giving money or a money tree may be appropriate and appreciated for an elderly couple on a fixed income.
  • Another alternative is to have a card shower. Have friends and relatives send out cards with memories of the couple and how the love they had for one another impacted the lives of others.
  • If you really want to give the couple something, send a present to the couple's home after the party.

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