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Creating Memorable Anniversary Celebrations


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Anniversary Celebration Etiquette
Photo: Marc Debnam / Getty Images
Photo: Marc Debnam / Getty Images
The best anniversary celebration etiquette is putting the desires of the anniversary couple first.
  • If you are thinking of surprising a couple with a surprise party on their anniversary, think twice. Some couples don't respond well to this type of event. Make sure that they haven't made other plans and that they are receptive to being surprised. It can be difficult to do this without spoiling the surprise, but if you don't wait until the last minute, you can have general conversations with them about anniversaries and surprise parties.
  • Send out invitations to an anniversary party or reaffirmation ceremony around four to six weeks before the celebration.
  • Be specific in the invitations about whether or not the anniversary couple wants to receive gifts. If they do want gifts, and if they have created a bridal registry for anniversary gifts, provide information about the gift registry or registries.
  • Although a receiving line is a traditional part of an anniversary party, some people really dislike them. Don't force the anniversary couple to participate in a receiving line if they are hesitant to do so.
  • When seating guests at an anniversary party, generally, the oldest son sits on his mother's right; the oldest daughter sits on her father's left; and the best man or maid of honor from the couple's wedding day sit with their respective spouses at the main table.

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