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1 - 100th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas
Wondering what to give your spouse on your anniversary? Here is a listing of both traditional and modern anniversary gift ideas for years 1 through 100.

History of Wedding Anniversary Gift Lists
We are often asked about the history of the wedding anniversary gift lists. Although the anniversary gift lists on this website are based on the lists provided by the Chicago Public Library, the tradition of giving specific anniversary gifts based on the number of years a couple has been married dates back to the Middle Ages.

How to Have Anniversary Greetings Sent From the White House
Couples getting married or couples celebrating 50 years or more of marriage can receive an anniversary greeting or wedding congratulations from the White House.

Time Capsule Suggestions -- Ideas for Couple Time Capsules
Consider starting a tradition of creating a time capsule on your anniversary or at the beginning of each year. What would you put in a family time capsule? Share your ideas with our readers.

Anniversary Bridal Registry -- A Good Idea or a Tacky Idea?
Should married couples sign up for a bridal registry for anniversary gifts?

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