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Past Issues of Marriage Articles in May and June, 2005

Chronological Listing


Nola's Engagement Ring
06/25/05 - Back Yard Vacations
One of the greatest ways to create positive memories for both yourselves and your children is to travel and take vacations. However, you don't have to travel all around the world to make a vacation memorable.

06/22/05 - Jennifer Wilbanks, Runaway Bride
Jennifer Wilbanks planned on running away from her wedding. Thankfully, such an extreme, thoughtless way to avoid cancelling or postponing a wedding is a rare occurrence. Here's a time line of the Wilbanks selfish saga.

06/17/05 - Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Another whirlwind romance has moved quickly to the engagement phase. After dating only a few months, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are engaged. Here is more information about their engagement and relationship.

06/15/05 - "The Lazy Husband" Book Review
In "The Lazy Husband", Joshua Coleman offers practical examples for wives who are struggling with a husband who is a pro at avoidance tactics and who won't do his share of chores around the house.

06/10/05 - Median Age at First Marriage
Although there has been a change in the median age at first marriage for both men and women, the amount of change isn't as large as some people claim it to be. Here are the statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau of the median age at first marriage dating back to 1890.

06/08/05 - Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks
The 41-year marriage of Anne Bancroft and Mel Brooks ended on June 6, 2005, when Anne died of uterine cancer. Their interfaith marriage was described as one of the happiest marriages in the entertainment business.

06/07/05 - Elaborate Proposals
The intimate moment of proposing can be turned into an elaborate and competitive event. There is a danger that an elaborate proposal can detract from the heartfelt experience it traditionally was meant to be. Here's the four key elements of a successful proposal.

06/01/05 - Percy and Florence Arrowsmith
Guinness World Records announced that Percy and Florence Arrowsmith have the world's longest marriage. The couple were married on June 1, 1925 and are celebrating their 80th wedding anniversary.

05/29/05 - Danica Patrick and Paul Hospenthal
When a beautiful young woman shows courage and passion for a sport like race car driving, it is natural to wonder where all this energy and talent came from. Danica Patrick, the 4th woman to ever start the Indianapolis 500, says she was prepared for the moment from the time she was born.

Here is information about how her supportive parents met, and her engagement to Paul Hospenthal.

05/28/05 - Eddie and Margo Albert
The world and Eddie's family lost a caring and loving man when Eddie Albert died on May 26, 2005, from pneumonia. Eddie and Margo Albert had a 39-year marriage before she died from brain cancer. Eddie died at age 99 after living a life that impacted all our lives in many ways. Here's more information about Eddie and Margo.

05/23/05 - Another Reason Teens Shouldn't Marry
Recent studies of teen brains have given another reason why teens shouldn't marry. Teens don't think with the rational portion of their brains. Using the wrong portion of their brains, teens are making life changing decisions such as getting married and serving in the military.

05/21/05 - Creating Memorable Anniversary Celebrations
Each and every wedding anniversary deserves to be celebrated in a memorable way. When you celebrate your wedding anniversary each year it is an annual renewal of your commitment to one another. Here are some ideas to help you create some memorable wedding anniversaries for you and your spouse.

05/16/05 - Nasty Habits Can Hurt Your Marriage
Did you realize that even minor irritating behaviors can possibly make you allergic to your spouse's annoying habits? The unsurprising results of a recent research study stated that many spouses view nasty habits as a lack of respect and that the irritating behaviors can lead to lack of romance in a marriage.

05/10/05 - Renée Zellweger and Kenny Chesney
After only knowing one another for four months, Renée Zellweger and Kenny Chesney were married in the Virgin Islands. We wonder if the phrase and song "you had me from hello" was part of their whirlwind courtship. Here's information on how they met, where they were married, who was at their wedding, and more.

05/06/05 - The Positive and Negative Impact of Pets on a Marriage
Studies show that couples with pets have closer relationships and are more satisfied in their marriage than those who don't have pets. However, not every individual in the world likes pets. Having a pet needs to be a mutual decision. Here are some pros and cons of a married couple owning a pet.

05/01/05 - Life Event Stress Tests
Although the level of stress assigned to marriage varies depending on which life events stress tests you take, being married is considered a highly stressful experience. Take one of these tests to gauge the amount of stress in your married life.

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