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Solutions and Programs to Prevent Child Marriage

Education is the Key


Education is the most important key to helping end the practice of forced child marriages. Many believe that education may prove to be more successful in preventing child marriages than banning child marriages.

  • Education of the parents is just as important as education of the children.

    Education will broaden their horizons and will help convince parents of the benefits in having their children educated.

  • It is important to provide education involving more than reading, writing, and math.

    Teaching these young girls life skills, including reproduction and contraception information, how to have fun and how to play in sports, is proving to be a positive way to change the lives and futures of these adolescent girls.

  • By providing more educational opportunities, India has been able to cut child marriage rates by up to two-thirds.

    Girls who are able to complete primary school tend to marry later and have fewer children. Source: Chicago Tribune

The Problem of Early, Forced Marriage

Problems Attributed to Child Marriage

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