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Brad Jones and Loretta Harrop Marriage Profile


Here is information about the sports marriage of Brad Jones and Loretta Harrop. Loretta competed for Australia in the 2004 Olympics in the triathlon. Although Brad is a former football player for the AFL, he is apparently not the same Brad Jones who competed in the 2004 Olympics.


Brad Jones: Not sure ...

Loretta (Loz) Harrop: July 17, 1975 in Brisbane, Australia.

How Brad and Loretta Met:

Brad and Loretta met at high school.

Wedding Date:

March, 2004. From the pictures of their wedding, it appears that Loretta and Brad were married on or near a beach.
Source: Abc.net.au: Click on wedding pictures for larger images.


Loretta and Brad have a son.
  • Hayden Luke Jones: Born abt. August 2006. Hayden is named after Loretta's late brother Luke.


Loretta enjoys surfing and music, and holds black belt in karate.


Seven Hills, Queensland. "Their pool has waterfall cascading into it and strong water jets which Loretta trains against for three hours a day."
Source: Abc.net.au

Olympics Participation:

The 2004 Olympics was the second Olympics for Loretta.


Loretta: Triathlete.

Brad: Former AFL footballer as a goalkeeper. Currently working as a pool builder.

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