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Rose and Dikembe Mutombo Marriage Profile


Rose and Dikembe Mutombo share their lives with others not only through their financial gifts but also by opening their home to Dikembe brothers' children.

Here's more information about Rose and Dikembe.


    Dikembe Mutombo Mpolondo Mukamba Jean Jacque Wamutombo: June 25, 1966 in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo. (formerly Zaire)

    Rose Mutombo: Republic of the Congo.

Wedding Date:

Rose and Dikembe were married abt. 1996.


Rose and Mutombo have three children:
  • Carrie Biamba Wamutumbo: Born abt. 1998.
  • Jean Jacques (Jon-Jon) Dikembe Mutumbo Mplombo Jr: Born February 2001.
  • Son, name unknown: Born abt. 2004.

Rose and Mutombo adopted two of his nieces and two of his nephews after their fathers (his brothers) died:

  • Reagan: Born abt. 1984.
  • Pearla: Born abt. 1985.
  • Nancy: Born abt. 1983.
  • Harouna: Born abt. 1989.


Mutombo earned bachelor's degrees in linguistics and diplomacy at Georgetown University.

Occupation and Interests:

Mutombo: Professional NBA basketball player.

Mutombo founded the Dikembe Mutombo Foundation in the Democratic Republic of Congo and helped build a hospital in Kinshasa.

Rose: Nursing student.


Rose and Mutombo reside in Philadelphia and during the off-season, in Atlanta, Georgia.

Previous Relationships:

In October 1994, just a few hours before the ceremony, Dikembe Mutombo canceled his wedding when his fiance, Michelle Roberts, refused to sign a prenuptial agreement. Mutombo had given the agreement to Michelle ten days before their wedding.

"According to the news report, some of the terms required that Roberts bear a child within two years, return to work four months after the birth and forgo child or spousal support after either a divorce or Mutombo's death. Roberts refused to sign it."
Source: Jet, October 17, 1994.

Quotes About Marriage and Family:

Article in NYT: "Rose Mutombo told her husband that she needed to see him smile more, that she was tired of watching him scowl on television and carry that frustration home."
Source: New York Times, April 14, 2003.

Mutombo talking about happy times: “The next time I felt that happy was when I got married.”
Source: Delta-Sky.com

Mutombo talking about his mother: "This is something I always cry, that she begged me to get married, (laugh) and I got married, and just a year after the marriage, my mom passed away. So she didn’t get a chance to see her grandchildren. So now, I always know that she’s looking after me, and is looking after my kids (unintelligible)."
Source: PBS.org

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