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Marriage Blogs

In the big world of blogs, it can be difficult to find one focused on marriage that is not trying to play the role of being a matchmaker. We've been monitoring marriage blogs for some time. Here are blogs that stay on the topic of marriage. Some are helpful, some may make you cringe, some are critical of marriage, and some report on marriage news.
  1. Six Weeks in a Car -- 2006 (27)

Tell Us About Your Marriage Blog
Take a look at these marriage blogs and add your own marriage blog to the list. See submissions

Cross-Country Road Trip -- 2009
Follow us on our road trip journey across the U.S.

Project Happily Ever After
Alisa Bowman's blog about her marriage and life is honest and fascinating.

The Life of a Husband and Wife
This blog follows a couple as they "embark on life's greatest adventure -- marriage.

The Blog of Love
This blog is a journal devoted to love, passion, soul mates, fate and destiny. Sounds like what a happy marriage needs!

News Anchor Mom
Created by ABC affiliate news anchor Jen Christensen, the News Anchor Mom blog covers marriage issues as well as parenting advice.

CouplesQuestions Blog
Developed by a newlywed couple for engaged or newly married couples.

Minnesota Weddings Blog
This blog about weddings in Minnesota will give you ideas on reception halls, music, vendors, and more.

This is Michael Smalley's blog on reflections on life, love, and family.

Marriage Diva
The Marriage Diva blog has interesting musings of a happily married wife.

Great Catch
This blog has links to news articles about marriage.

Marriage Counseling Info
Focused primarily on marriage counseling information, this blog also covers marriage news.

Divorce Lawyer's Guide to Staying Married
Wendy Jaffe's advice on how to strengthen your marriage and stay married.

Marriage Tips -- My Story
One woman's story about her marriage and learning from her mistakes.

Will This Marriage Last?
This blog by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman focuses on how to improve the quality of marriage.

Marriage Blog
Part of the families.com website, this marriage blog has random thoughts about marriage.

Marriages Restored Blog
This marriage blog is about the journey towards forgiveness after a couple experiences infidelity in a marriage.

Sarah Leon's blog devoted to the study of marriage.

Family Scholars Blog
This blog from the institute for American Values describes itself as "Your 24/7 research assistant on all things marriage and the family."

From the Lily Pad
From Donna aka Froggi, "Life is for the living and that is what I intend to do." Read the blog of a widow and how she is moving on with her life after the death of her husband.

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