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Top 8 Favorite Leo Buscaglia Books


Dr. Leo Buscaglia's spontaneity in life, his inspirational workshops, the challenge to love one another, and his hope that we would all live our dreams touched our lives deeply. Here is a list of our favorite Leo Buscaglia books.

1. "Living, Loving & Learning"

This is a collection of Leo Buscaglia's inspirational and enjoyable lectures. Reading Leo's words isn't the same as hearing him speak the words, but reading this book can still be an uplifting experience.
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2. "Born for Love"

This collection of Leo Buscaglia's thoughts about love can help you understand more fully what he means when he writes about the art of loving. You don't have to read the book from beginning to end to benefit from it.
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3. "Loving Each Other"

Here are more words of hope and healing in dealing with the fear of commitment and loving one another. The results of an extensive relationship survey are included.
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4. "Love"

Indentifying barriers of love, and ways to overcome those barriers, Leo Buscaglia discusses what love is and what it isn't.
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5. "Leo Buscaglia's Love Cookbook"

Written with Biba Caggiano, this book is Leo Buscaglia's celebration of food and life. There are 115 recipes divided into three sections: Romantic Dinners for Two, Loving Dinners for Four to Six, and Loving Dinners for Eight to Ten Family members. The recipes are easy to follow, and include full courses for each meal including starters and desserts. As with every Buscaglia book, there are warm memories and thoughts from Leo.
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6. "The Fall of Freddie the Leaf"

Although this parable about life's cycle is a children's book, it has a strong message about life and death for adults, too.
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7. "Seven Stories of Christmas Love"

Leo Buscaglia shares seven holiday memories and explains the impact that each events had on his beliefs about being caring and loving. He encourages people to keep the spirit and magic of the Christmas season alive all year long.
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8. "Bus 9 to Paradise"

This bestselling book by Leo Buscaglia is about love and finding oneself in undiscovered territory of love and passion.
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