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Calling it Quits

Knowing when to throw in the towel on a marriage relationship is one of the most difficult decisions you may ever have to make. Here is help on whether or not to make this decision and if you do, help in being able to let go.
  1. Disillusionment (9)
  2. Back Up Plans (3)
  3. Breaking Up (18)
  4. Letting Go (5)

Divorce Resources
Divorce is a traumatic experience for all concerned. If you've truly tried everything you could to keep your marriage together, and nothing helped, then these resources can help you deal with the next phase.

Being at High Risk for Divorce
If you answer "yes" to these questions, then you are statistically a higher risk for divorce than couples who have realistic expectations of one another and their marriage, communicate well, use conflict resolution skills, and are compatible with one another.

When Is it Time to Call It Quits?
Do you think you are at the point of wanting a divorce? If so, how do you know it is time to throw in the towel and file for divorce?

Top 10 Marriage Mistakes
We've noticed on the Marriage Forum that there is a pattern to the marital problems and issues that people share. Here's our list of the top ten things that you need to try and avoid in your own marriage.

Can Your Marriage be Saved?
Take this quiz if you think your marriage is on the rocks.

Gray Divorce
Definition of gray divorce.

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