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Influential Marriages

Whether you are curious about how long a celebrity couple has been married, or you want to know how a couple met, or read what they have said about their marriages, we have that information and more in these marriage profiles of influential marriages.
  1. The Arts (28)
  2. Entertainment (310)
  3. Entrepreneurs (13)
  4. Historical (52)
  5. Infamous (32)
  6. May-December Celebrity Couples (16)
  7. Media Couples (15)
  8. Military Leaders (3)
  9. Political Marriages (119)
  10. Religious (9)
  11. Royalty (23)
  12. Short Celebrity Marriages (13)
  13. Sports (73)
  14. Multiple Marriages (1)

Marriage Scandals
When a celebrity marriage is hurt by a spouse's stupid or inappropriate behavior, headlines quickly follow the marriage scandal.

Marriage Secrets of Famous Couples
Although the headlines of the rich and famous often focus on the divorces of famous couples, many famous couples do have long-lasting marriages. Here are some of their marriage secrets and tips.

Marriages in the News
Marriages in the News

Celebrity Wedding Database
This site has an alphabetical listing of celebrity weddings.

Masters and Johnson Marriage Profile
The marriage of Masters and Johnson produced sexual research into areas of sexuality that were not previously researched in depth.

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