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Mary Kay and Steve Letourneau Marriage Profile


With the release of Mary Kay Schmitz Letourneau from prison after serving a term of seven years for child rape, we wondered if there were any ignored red flags in her marriage to Steve Letourneau.

Ignored Red Flags:

In reading through news articles, it appears that although the couple tried to put on a good front for family and friends, their marriage was in crisis at the time Mary Kay became involved with the 12-year-old student at her school.
  • Steve and Mary Kay married due to a pregnancy, not out of love.
  • Mary Kay and Steve had continual, unresolved financial problems that created conflict in their marital relationship.
  • Mary Kay believed that Steve was a serial cheater throughout their marriage.
  • Steve and Mary Kay had apparent disappointment in one another.

Mary Kay & Steve's Wedding Date:

June 30, 1984.


Mary Kay and Steve have two daughters and two sons:
  • Steve Letourneau Jr: Born in 1984.
  • Mary Claire Letourneau: Born in 1987.
  • Nicholas Letourneau: Born in 1991.
  • Jacqueline Letourneau: Born in 1993.

Mary Kay's Jail Time:

Mary Kay was arrested for statutory rape on February 26, 1997 after Steve discovered love letters Mary Kay had written to Vili. She was sentenced to jail on August 7, 1997.

After being released from jail on January 6, 1998, Mary Kay was arrested for violating the conditions of her suspended sentence when she was discovered having sexual intercourse with Vili in a car on February 3, 1998. Additionally, Mary Kay had not completed her treatment program for sexual deviancy. She was sent back to jail and served 7 1/2 years.


Steve Letourneau filed for divorce in May 1999. He received custody of their four children and assumed a different last name while living in Alaska. He later remarried and divorced again.

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