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Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau Marriage Profile


Many believe that Vili Fualaau continues to be a victim of Mary Kay Letourneau. Ken Schram of KOMO TV in Seattle wrote, "Not content with erasing Vili's childhood, the ever-twisted Mary Kay is intent on making sure his adult life is ruined forever."
Fast Marriage Facts - Mary Kay and Vili
Met: Abt. 1990.
Married: May 20, 2005.
First Marriage: No.

Did You Know?
Mary Kay first met Vili when he was seven and she was his elementary school teacher.

News Updates:

7/21/2010: Putting herself and Vili once again in the spotlight, Mary Kay Letourneau is set to appear on the television series Shatner's Aftermath. The goal of the Bio Channel series, according to William Shatner, is to "examine old wounds and see where the scar tissue lies."

6/17/06: Vili Fualaau sentenced for December, 2005 DUI.

5/20/05: Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau staged an expensive media wedding for which they reportedly were paid $750,000.

Relationship Red Flags:

Unfortunately, with Mary Kay's marriage with Vili Fualaau, she could be ignoring red flags again.
  • Vili was unemployed and didn't finish high school.
  • Mary Kay was unemployed though she did intend to tell her own story since a state appeals court ruled in 2000 that she could sell and profit from her story.
  • Vili was still quite young.
  • They both brought major unresolved issues to their relationship.


Mary Kay Schmitz Letourneau: January 30, 1962 in Tustin, California.

Vili Fualaau aka DJ Headline: June 24, 1983.

How Mary Kay and Vili Met:

Vili and Mary Kay met when Vili was seven years old and in second grade. Mary Kay was 27 years old and was his teacher.

Mary Kay became Vili's teacher again when he was in sixth grade at Shorewood Elementary School in Burien, Washington. Their relationship became sexual during the summer of 1996 when Vili was 13.


  • Audrey Lokelani Fualaau: Born in 1997 in Swedish Hospital in Seattle, Washington. Her name means "Rose of Heaven" in Samoan.
  • Georgia Alexis: Born in 1998 in Tacoma, Washington.

Wedding Date:

May 20, 2005 at 10:00 pm at the Columbia Winery in Washington state. Letourneau's brother Tim walked her down the aisle. The music that was supposed to be played was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," but a CD mix up caused her to use "His Eye is on the Sparrow", a song she sang in the prison choir.

Although Entertainment Tonight and The Insider had exclusive rights to the wedding, show officials insisted they did not pay for the wedding. KING 5 News reported that the couple earned around $750,000 for their wedding footage.

Wedding Attire:

Letourneau wore a long white wedding gown that Vili Fualaau helped choose. Vili wore a black tuxedo.

Wedding Guests:

The 300 guests had to show valid identification to bus drivers, pass through metal detectors, and sign a release-of-privacy statement because the wedding was filmed. Cell phones, digital cameras, and all types of recording equipment were not allowed. Any found were confiscated though the owners retrieved the items before they left the reception.

Their two daughters were the flower girls. Fualaau's two young nephews were ring bearers. Vili had six groomsmen and Mary Kay had four bridesmaids. Two of Vili's brothers were groomsmen. The bridesmaids where Vili's sister, her oldest daughter Mary Claire was the maid of honor, and two friends. One friend, Kathleen, Mary Kay met while in prison. The wedding was the first time that Vili and Mary Kay's two young daughters had met Mary Claire.

Mary Kay and Vili were said to have written their own vows.

Wedding Invitation by Email:

"Please join Mary and Vili for their special day. They hope to make this the best wedding experience for you. A luxurious touring bus will whisk you away to their wedding destination. Food and refreshments will be available for your bus ride. Please respect the need for privacy and know that pictures from the wedding will be available for the guests at a later date."
Source: Komo News.

Ages at Wedding:

Letourneau was 43; Fualaau was 22.


Mary Kay: In 2009, Mary Kay served as host for "Hot for Teacher" nights at a Seattle nightclub.

Vili: DJ.


In 2005, Letourneau resided in an expensive neighborhood of Normandy Park, a waterfront suburb south of Seattle.


Mary Kay Letourneau was three hours late to the wedding rehearsal.

DSHS of Washington state may have had a financial interest in the funds Mary Kay and Vili received from selling their story and wedding to the media. Adolfo Caspestany of DSHS said, "We are looking at any possible avenue. Asset we can seize, employment or large sum of money they might come into. Anytime you have children on public assistance and support is owed, the state has an obligation. We would have to go after those folks that have any kind of assets. We would have to collect or attach to pay back the state for the assistance paid."
Source: KING 5 News.

Mary Kay's father, John George Schmitz, was an ultraconservative California politician. His career ended in scandal when in 1982 it was discovered that he had a pregnant mistress and a 15-month-old son. His mistress was one of his former students. John Schmitz died in 2001.

Quotes about the Letourneau/Fualaau Relationship:

Vili Fualauu talking to "ET" about their wedding: "I think tomorrow's going to be the best part of my life."

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