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Randy and Bobbi Parker Marriage Profile


With Bobbi Parker being found guilty of helping Randolph Dial escape, their marriage continued to face legal issues and more separation. In the past they had to undergo hurt and reconciliation. Here is information about the charges filed against Bobbi and the separation experienced by Randy and Bobbi Parker after her 1994 involvement with Randolph Dial.

Fast Marriage Facts - Randy and Bobbi:

Wedding Date: 1982.
Bobbi Disappeared: August 1994.
Reconciliation with Randy: April 2005.


Bobbi Louaine Cline Parker: Abt. 1962.

Wedding Information:

After meeting at college, Randy and Bobbi Parker were married in 1982.


Randy and Bobbi have two daughters. The girls were 8 and 10 when Bobbi disappeared.


Randy: Deputy warden of several correction centers in Oklahoma.

Bobbi: Teacher.

Information About Randolph Franklin Dial:

Born: September 26, 1944 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Died: After suffering from a lengthy illness, Randolph Dial died on June 13, 2007 at the maximum-security penitentiary in McAlester, Oklahoma.

Dial had three marriages.

  • Christina Dial: Christina lived in Mexico City. They had one son, Alexis Franklin Osborn born in 1978. The couple divorced in late 1978. In 1998, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Alexis Osborn was charged in connection with his live-in girlfriend's death.
    Source: Amarillo Globe-News
  • Mary Katherine Dial: Katherine and Randy Dial married in 1979 and divorced in 1983. They had one daughter, Rose. Mary Katherine lived in Tahlequah, Oklahoma. Mary Katherine was killed while Randolph Dial was in prison.
  • Robin Dial: Robin and Randolph Dial were married in 1983. They divorced in 1986. They had one son. Robin lived in Emporia, Kansas and in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Randolph Dial was an artist, sculptor, and convicted murderer of the September 16, 1981, Tulsa, Oklahoma, murder of a karate instructor, Kelly Dean Hogan. He escaped from the Oklahoma State Reformatory in Granite, Oklahoma on August 30, 1994.

Quotes Concerning the Marriage of Randy and Bobbi Parker:

Randy Parker: "I just wait for it to come to an end,” Randy Parker said in 1999. “I’m waiting for that call, that’s exactly what I’m doing. I keep hoping every day that maybe today will be the day. But so far, it hasn’t been."
Source: "Five Years Pass Without Sign of Missing Wife", Amarillo.com, 9/13/99.

Bobbi Parker in phone call to author Charles Sasser: "I'm fine and I'm happy,' and ... she said she wondered if it was better to let them [her family] keep thinking she was dead or to call them."
Source: Sylvia Moreno, "Mystery of Missing Inmate and Woman Ends", WashingtonPost.com, 4/7/05.

Randolph Dial: "She was living under the impression if she ever tried to get away, I would get away and I would make her regret it, particularly toward her family. I didn't mean it, but she didn't know that."
Source: "Dial Pronounced Dead at Oklahoma Penitentiary." KOTV.com. 6/13/2007.

Randolph Dial: “She [Parker] did not leave willingly. She did not stay willingly. It was in fact an easy matter for me to reduce Bobbi to a true victim of 'Stockholm Syndrome' because I knew how to apply terror and create helplessness followed by natural dependency, and perversely even affection and loyalty. I had learned about such methods by watching prison officials apply them to prison populations during my previous nine years of incarceration.”
Source: Ali Meyer. "The Randolph Dial Letters." KFOR.com. 4/30/2006.

The Disappearance of Bobbi Parker:

Bobbi disappeared on August 30, 1994. The last call she reportedly made to her family was on September 9, 1994.

It was suggested that Bobbi Parker suffered from the Stockholm Syndrome.

4/05/12: Bobbi Parker was released from prison at 1 a.m. on Thursday, April 5, 2012. Parker was "freed without any further time on probation."

4/04/12: A spokesman for the Oklahoma Department of Corrections said "... Bobbi Parker is set to be discharged from Oklahoma City's Hillside Community Correctional Center on Thursday." Parker served a "little more than half of a 1-year sentence."

11/07/11: Bobbi Parker was sentenced to one year in prison with credit for time served.

9/19/2011: After a long trial, the jury began deliberating the Bobbi Parker case.

9/21/11: The jury in the Bobbi Parker case found her guilty of helping Randolph Franklin Dial escape and recommended that she be sentenced to one year in prison.

7/05/2011: Motions to dismiss the case were thrown out by the judge and the Bobbi Parker trial began this morning.

5/15/2011: Bobbi Parker's trial jury selection began on Monday, May 16th in Greer County District Court.

12/20/2010: The Tulsa World reports that there is another delay in the trial of Bobbi Parker. The trial is now set for May 16, 2011.

10/07/2010: The new trial date for Bobbi Parker was set for January 10, 2011.

09/15/2010: Due to the "discovery of FBI investigative reports about the case that neither prosecutors nor defense attorneys had ever seen", Bobbi Parker's trial was postponed again.
Source: Tim Talley. "Trial Date Postponed for Oklahoma Warden's Wife." NewsOK.com. 9/15/2010.

09/02/2010: A judge overruled the motion to dismiss a felony case against Bobbi Parker. The date set for the trial is September 20, 2010.

8/23/2010: More than a dozen motions were filed by Bobbi Parker's attorneys asking for the charges against her to be dismissed. More from TulsaWorld.com

06/03/2010: Another delay. Parker's trial moved to September 20, 2010.

05/04/2010: Bobbi Parker's trial is scheduled for August 9, 2010.

02/04/10: The hearing was delayed due to power outages caused by an ice storm.

01/10/10: The trial to determine whether Bobbi Parker was a kidnap victim or a participant was delayed until February 4, 2010.

9/03/09: Bobbi Parker's attorney filed a motion to dismiss her case. The motion will be reviewed on October 7, 2009.

8/06/09: Although pending motions in Bobbi Parker's case will be reviewed by a judge on September 3, 2009, her trial was delayed until January 11, 2010.

4/22/08: With Randy by her side, Bobbi Parker appeared in court to face felony charges that she helped a convicted killer escape. She was released after paying a $10,000 bond.. Her next court date is May 15, 2008. If convicted, Bobbi could face up to 10 years in jail.

6/13/07: Randolph Dial died in prison.

1/20/06: Greer County District Attorney John Wampler received the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation's final 1,400 page report. He now will have to decide if he will file charges against Bobbi Parker.

According to the Oklahoma Department of Corrections, Dial was serving his original life sentence for first degree murder at the Oklahoma State Penitentiary in McAlester.
Source: NewsOK.com

10/9/05: After he fired his his court-appointed attorneys, Dial's trial was delayed until December 2005. Dial decided to represent himself.

8/04/05: Dial's scheduled arraignment was postponed.

4/25/05: Authorities in Oklahoma tried to determine Bobbi Parker's legal status to decide if she should be charged with helping Dial or if she was a hostage.

Randy Parker has stated that Bobbi would not talk about her time with Dial. Randy Parker was also frustrated by hearing that the FBI believed that his wife was alive but didn't inform him.

4/12/05: At Randolph Dial's initial hearing, he learned that he would face a charge of escape. He had a public defender appointed to work on his case.

4/07/05: Fearful that her husband, Randy would not want her back, Bobbi Parker was uncertain about being reunited with him. They had an emotional reunion. After spending the night together at a Nacogdoches motel, they headed home to see their daughters and to begin rebuilding their lives.

4/06/05: Randolph Dial and Bobbi Parker aka Samantha Deahl were found residing in a two-bedroom trailer on an isolated property where they ran a chicken farm in Campti (East Texas) for 5 1/2 years. Bobbi ran most of the errands, including purchasing groceries at a store across the street from the Shelby County Sheriff's Office. She appeared healthy and unharmed. During a jailhouse interview, Dial shared that his relationship with Bobbi Parker was never romantic and that he had threatened her children if she were to escape.

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