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Kirk and Anne Douglas


Anne and Kirk Douglas

Kirk and Anne Douglas in London on September 28, 1988.

Photo: Georges De Keerle/Getty Images
Kirk and Anne Douglas

Kirk Douglas and his wife Anne Douglas attend The Los Angeles Mission and Anne Douglas Center for Women Gala at Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills on September 24, 2013 in Beverly Hills, California.

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Marriage Fast Facts - Anne and Kirk Douglas

Met: 1953

Married: May 29, 1954

First Marriage: No.  

Did You Know?

 Anne stopped Kirk from flying in the plane that crashed with Elizabeth Taylor's husband, Michael Todd. 


Kirk Douglas aka Issur Danielovitch Demsky December 9, 1916 in Amsterdam, New York.

Anne Buydens: May 13, 1930 in Hanover, Germany.

How Anne and Kirk Met:

Kirk and Anne met in Paris when she did some public relations work for Act of Love, a movie Kirk was filming in Paris in 1953. He was engaged at the time to Pier Angeli. Anne had visited the United States and was about to go back to France. Kirk didn't want to lose her, so they eloped to Las Vegas.

Kirk: "So it was a big blow to my theory when I met Anne Buydens. She came in to help me with press and translation during the filming of "Act of Love." I offered her a job, and she said, 'No' ... The fact that I didn't impress her certainly impressed me, and I was determined to win her over. Anyone who knows my story knows the rest. She did join the production, and we courted in France and Italy."
Source: Kirk Douglas. "Kirk Douglas Looks Back at 60 Years of Marriage." LATimes.com. 6/20/2014. 


Wedding Date:

Kirk and Anne were married on May 29, 1954. They eloped to Las Vegas on Kirk's day off. Kirk's publicist, Warren Cowan, was the best man at their wedding.

Ages at Marriage:

Anne, 24.
Kirk, 37.

Douglas's Renewal of Vows:

Near their 50th wedding anniversary on May 23, 2004, Anne and Kirk renewed their marriage vows. It was officiated by Rabbi David Wolpe at Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills in a traditional Jewish ceremony under a rose-adorned Chupah.

They sipped wine "symbolic of the sweet things they would share", cracked a linen-wrapped glass, "a symbol that marriage involves not just joy, but difficulty." Kirk could only break the glass with his cane.


Music at Renewal Ceremony:

The music at Kirk and Anne's renewal ceremony was the traditional wedding march, Sammy Cahn's "Love and Marriage", "I'm in the Mood for Love", and a song sung by Kirk Douglas that he wrote, "Please Stay in Love With Me."

Guests at Renewal Ceremony:

Attending Anne and Kirk's renewal ceremony were 300 guests including Nancy Regan, Merv Griffin, Dan Aykroyd, Karl Malden, Barbara Sinatra, Angie Dickinson, Lauren Bacall, Tony and Jill Curtis, Vidal Sassoon, Red Buttons, Anjelica Huston.



Kirk: Actor, writer, director, producer.

Anne: President of Bryna Co., an independent film company, producer, actress.

Both Anne and Kirk are involved in charity work to help the homeless, breast cancer research, and improve public schools, especially playgrounds, in Los Angeles, California.



Kirk has 4 children.

  • Michael Douglas: Born on 9/25/44. Michael's mother is Diana Dill.
  • Joel Douglas: Born on 1/23/47. Joel's mother is Diana Dill.
  • Peter Vincent Douglas: Born on 11/23/1955. Peter's mother is Anne.
  • Eric Anthony Douglas: Born on 6/21/1958. Eric's mother is Anne.



Kirk has survived a stroke. Anne survived breast cancer. Both survived his infidelities with Joan Crawford, Gene Tierney, Rita Hayworth, Marlene Dietrich and others.

Anne: "I had no illusions about that [infidelities]. But I told him, 'Look. I'll understand a lot of things if you tell me. But if I hear it from others and it has happened, that would hurt me very badly.'"
Kirk: "I think I was most to blame for our problems, because I hid behind the mind-set of 'I am an artist, an artist!'"



Kirk and Anne reside in Santa Barbara, California.

Previous Marriages:

Kirk had one previous marriage.
  • Diana Dill aka Diana Darrid: Kirk and Diana were married on 11-2-1943. Their marriage ended in divorce in 1951.

Anne had one previous marriage.

  • Albert ?: Their marriage ended in divorce.


Quotes About Their Marriage:

Kirk when asked about a formula to staying together: "Yes, there’s a formula. You have to fall in love.”
Source: "Hollywood Legend Kirk Douglas,  His Wife Delve Into Their 60-Year Love Affair." LosAngeles.CBSLocal.com. 7/25/2014.

Kirk: "Anne never tried to change me, but she never hesitated to speak her mind — usually gently and often with great humor and subtlety. But she did change me and very much for the better."
Source: Kirk Douglas. "Kirk Douglas Looks Back at 60 Years of Marriage." LATimes.com. 6/20/2014. 


Warren Cowan, publicist: "They have a great mutual understanding. I don't want to sound sexist, but Anne really made the marriage work. Kirk used to be more self-centered. Now, he's more in love with Anne than when they were married."

Peter Douglas, son: "Each has a great sense of humor. They needed it, with all they've been through."

What attracted Kirk to Anne? Kirk: "Her vicious sense of humor. The surprise birthday party she threw for me that year in Paris when she invited every girl I'd gone out with there."

Kirk: "I think I'm more romantic than ever. A woman knows the man she wants to marry and a man knows the woman he doesn't want to be without."


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