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Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus


Photo: Joshua Blake / Getty Images

Santa and Mrs. Claus Laughing

Photo: Joshua Blake / Getty Images
Getting to the truth about the marriage relationship of Santa and Mrs. Claus is difficult because there are so many stories about this famous couple. Here are several versions of how Santa and Mrs. Claus met and married and some quotes about their marriage.


Santa Claus aka Nicholas, Goodman, Papa Christmas, Father Noel, Kris Kringle, Sinter Klass, Christkind, Father Christmas, Pere Noel: A very long time ago.

Mrs. Claus aka Mother Christmas, Mary Christmas, Jessica Mary, Dolores, Matha, Goody, Maya, Anwyn, Layla: A very long time ago.

How Santa and Mrs. Claus Met:

We found three versions of how Santa met Mrs. Claus.
  • Santa met Jessica Mary Christmas when Santa Claus was trying to give toys to children in a town where owning or giving toys was against the law.
    Source: Jules Bass, Arthur Rankin, Jr. Santa Claus is Comin' to Town. 1970.
  • "When Santa met Princess Anwyn, she was serving tables at a wayside inn ... She'd been there almost a year when a young man with a kindly face and red cheeks came stomping out of the snow one evening. He took off his red cap and laid it on the counter. He took one look at Anwyn and smiled ... Santa was enchanted by Anwyn's deep blue eyes. She was intrigued by his fresh, thick beard. And when Santa left on his dogsled a week later, his new wife, Anwyn, and her ever-faithful handmaiden went with him."
    Source: Alden Perkes. The Santa Claus Book. 1982. pg. 14.
  • Santa: "The first time I saw Layla, we were sneaking into the same tent ... The woman had huge dark eyes, the kind that look into other people's hearts and instantly know all their secrets ... We learned her name was Layla, and that she came from a small village not too far from Patara, where I was born. Like me, Layla had been orphaned early in life. An aunt and uncle raised her."
    Source: Jeff Guinn. The Autobiography of Santa Claus. 2006. pg. 73, pg. 76.

Wedding Information:

There are several different stories about the wedding of Santa and Mrs. Claus.
  • Santa and Jessica were married in the forest in Fairyland.
  • "See! I've fetched my snow-flake bonnet, with the sunrise ribbons on it;
    I've not worn it since we fled from Fairyland our wedding day;
    How we sped through iceberg porches with the Northern Lights for torches!
    You were young and slender, Santa, and we had this very sleigh."
    Source: Katherine Lee Bates. Goody Santa Claus on a Sleigh Ride. 1889.
  • Santa and Mrs. Claus were married by the priest of a small church.


Mrs. Claus: Teacher, waitress.

Santa Claus: Woodcarver, carpenter, toymaker, gift giver.


Santa and Mrs. Claus live at The North Pole.

Quotes About the Marriage of Santa and Mrs. Claus:

Santa: "My next secret is Mrs. Claus. She is the most wonderful wife and I couldn't do anything without her. She doesn't like the spotlight, but I have to give her credit for making sure I take care of myself and keeping from obsessing too much over my work. Just being with her takes years off my life."
Source: Mark Stibich, Ph.D. "Santa's Top Five Longevity Secrets." Longevity.about.com.

Alden Perkes: "There's only one reason why Santa Claus is famous. Because Mrs. Santa helped him get that way."
Source: Alden Perkes. The Santa Claus Book. 1982. pg. 9.

Mrs. Claus [Layla]: "Of course I'll marry you, as long as you promise we can be equal partners in gift-giving. I can't imagine a happier life."
Source: Jeff Guinn. The Autobiography of Santa Claus. 2006. pg. 80.

Mrs. Claus [Layla]: "As a wedding present, Nicholas had told me we could go give gifts anywhere in the known world."
Source: Jeff Guinn. How Mrs. Claus Saved Christmas. 2006. pg. 43.

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