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Celebrating the special days and remembering meaningful moments and times is an important way to enhance a marriage. This can be done by utilizing blessings, toasts, resaying vows, having traditional ceremonies, and making anniversaries important.
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Recognized Marriage Officiants -- People Who Can Perform Wedding Ceremonies
In most states, wedding ceremonies can be performed by credentialed ministers, priests, rabbis, or recognized leaders of a religious congregation, along with marriage commissioners, judges, and other state officers. Here is a listing of authorized persons who can officiate at weddings in the U.S.

Meaningful Ceremony for Cohabiting Seniors
Here is a way for cohabiting seniors to have meaningful ceremony if they don't want to have a legal wedding.

Traditional Toast
when you raise a glass in toast to someone, you are saying that person is important to you.

Hand Request ceremony
A tradition in many countries is the Hand Request Ceremony. Here is what it is, what happens at the ceremony, and information about the exchange of gifts.

What happens at a commitment ceremony?
A commitment ceremony is often very similar to many other kinds of weddings. The difference is that rather than being a legally binding ceremony, it is simply a public affirmation of a couples commitment to one another.

Greg Carey: What Does the Bible Actually Say About Marriage?
The point is, Christian weddings rarely feature passages that directly relate to marriage. Only one passage, Genesis 2:24, seems especially relevant, while other passages require us to bend their content to our desire to hear a good word about marriage.

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