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Hande Household Chores Together

Conflict over domestic duties and chores around the house is second only to conflict over money in a marriage.The key thing to remember is to not ask your spouse for help in getting chores done. Asking for help sets the stage for you having to do all the work. Here are more suggestions on how to divide up household tasks and how to cope with an uncooperative spouse.
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What to Do If Your Spouse Won't Cook Now and Then
If you are bothered by the fact that your spouse won't or doesn't want to cook a meal now and then, here are suggestions on how to deal with this issue.

Do You Think Your Spouse is a Slob?
Sharing household chores together is only fair, but if you have a spouse who won't work with you on keeping the house and yard clean and maintained, perhaps you are making some mistakes. Here are some common mistakes you can make when trying to motivate your spouse to share in household chores.

How to Divide the Household Chores
Don't ask your husband for help around the house. Asking for help gives the impression that the household chores are only your job and responsibility. Instead, ask your spouse to do his share.

Why Nagging Doesn't Work
Why nagging doesn't work, and hints on finding other ways to communicate with your spouse.

Chores Issues to Talk About Before You are Married
Here are questions on time and chores issues that you as an engaged couple should talk about with each other before you are married.

Fair Division of Chores Question and Answer
J.F. thinks because his wife is a SAHM that she should do most of the household chores.

Chores, Chores, Chores
Conflict over domestic duties around the house is second only to conflict over money in a marriage. Here are suggestions on fairly divvying up the dreaded list of things to do.

Maternal Gatekeepers
Although many women complain about their husbands not helping around the house, they may be actually inhibiting their spouse's involvement in housework and child-care by subtle sabotage.

Avoid the Chore Wars
Do the two of you still play the 'chores war' game? That is when you argue over not only who does what chore around the house, but also when and...

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