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Christmas Season

The Christmas season can be a time of stress in a marriage or a time of joy. It is important that you plan the holidays and schedule your time so that the two of you remain a high priority.
  1. Holiday Survival Tips

The Bride's Tree Tradition
A lovely tradition from Germany is the Bride's Tree. It is believed that a couple's Christmas tree needs twelve specific ornaments for happiness in their life journey together.

Christmas Wreath Idea for Empty Nest Couples
If you are not having kids visiting for Christmas, are you trying to make the decision to have a Christmas tree or not? Here's an alternative to having a Christmas tree.

Favorite Stories About Santa and Mrs. Claus
We know the story of Santa and Princess Anwyn, Santa and Layla, and Santa and Jessica. What is your favorite tale about about Santa and Mrs. Claus?

Winter Holiday Help
During the winter holidays, you may find yourselves and your marriage stressed from planning for the holidays. Here's holiday 101 to help the two of you navigate through the holiday season stress-free and with more joy.

Sharing Christmas and Holiday Cards
Here is an alternative to displaying the Christmas and holiday cards you receive and get to know one another's families and friends better.

Advent Calendar for Couples
Check out this Advent calendar that can help enhance your relationship while you enjoy the holidays this year. It is a countdown to Christmas with a new link for couples each day.

Movies About Marriage During the Christmas Season
The Christmas season can bring a great deal of stress into a marriage. Here are some movies to bring both inspiration and cheer and make you smile. Remember that laughter can give you an endorphin rush and help release stress.

The Twelve Days of Christmas for Lovers
Looking for a unique way to surprise and delight your spouse? The Twelve Days of Christmas (December 26 - January 6th) may be your answer!

Christmas Traditions Video
Traditions link one generation to another. Home & Garden Guide Anne-Marie Barton shows you in this video how to make family photo viewing a Christmas custom for your clan.

The Twelve Days of Christmas
How we celebrate the holiday and de-stress our lives at the same time!

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