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The Bride's Tree Tradition

Bride's Tree Ornaments and Symbolism of Christmas Tree Ornaments


Bride's Tree Ornaments
Photo Courtesy of TheFrameWorkShop.com
A lovely tradition from Germany is the Bride's Tree. It is believed that a married couple's Christmas tree needs twelve specific ornaments for happiness in their life journey together.

The Twelve Bride's Tree Ornaments and What They Symbolize

  • A Fish represents Christ's blessing, as well as fertility.
  • A Teapot represents hospitality.
  • A Bird symbolizes joy, happiness, and the Holy Spirit. If the bird is in a nest then it represents confidence in the cottage or home.
  • An Angel or Church is a symbol of God's guidance.
  • A Rabbit reflects hope and peace with nature.
  • A Fruit Basket symbolizes generosity and plenty.
  • A Heart is a symbol of true love and love in the home.
  • A Pine Cone represents fruitfulness, eternity, motherhood, and fertility.
  • A Flower Basket symbolizes good wishes or beauty in the home.
  • A Rose is a symbol of affection and of the Virgin Mary. A yellow rose symbolizes faithfulness in the marriage.
  • A House represents protection or family shelter.
  • A Santa is a symbol of goodwill, giving and sharing.

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More Ornament Suggestions for a Couple's Christmas Tree

  • A glass Carrot represents good luck in the kitchen.
  • A Star symbolizes guidance.
  • A Boat is representative of a couple sailing across the waters of life, both rough and smooth.
  • Colored balls symbolize the diversity of our world.
  • Paper chains or garlands show that we're all bound together.
  • Lights show how the love of God is reflected in a couple's love for one another.
  • The glass Pickle is supposed to be the last ornament hung on the tree - and hidden by parents. The child who discovered the pickle ornament would receive a special gift from St. Nicholas for being so observant.
  • A Grape is a symbol of friendship or of sharing a glass of wine.
  • A Bell represents joy and merriment.

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