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Holiday 101 for Couples -- Winter Holiday Help for Couples

Navigate Through the Holidays Free of Stress


Photo Credit: ©Ted Stritof
Photo Credit: ©Ted Stritof
During the winter holidays, you may find yourselves and your marriage stressed from planning for the holidays. Here's holiday 101 to help the two of you navigate through the holiday season stress-free and with more joy.

Christmas Season Planning

If you talk with one another and do some planning, the two of you can enjoy the holidays instead of wishing they were over. Here's an advent calendar, tips on sharing holiday cards, celebrating the Twelve Days of Christmas, and more.

Holiday Survival Tips

Here's help in recognizing holiday marital stress, dealing with the holiday tug of war of where to go and what to do during the holidays, surviving the holidays, handling a hurting holiday, your first holiday season together, and more.

Gift Giving

If you are still looking for that special gift for your spouse, here are some ideas for gift giving along with last minute shopping tips.

Interfaith Issues

If you are in an interfaith marriage, the winter holidays can be challenging to your marriage relationship. We've provided tips on how to enjoy the holidays as an interfaith couple and suggestions on handing the holidays together.

Celebrating the New Year With One Another

Along with resolutions that may enrich your marriage, here are New Year's Eve themed movies to watch together, and suggestions on how to celebrate New Year's Eve.

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