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Christmas Wreath Idea for Empty Nest Couples

An Alternative to Having a Christmas Tree -- A Wreath Full of Memories


Photo: Inti St. Clair / Getty Images
Photo: Inti St. Clair / Getty Images
If you are not having kids visiting for Christmas, are you trying to make the decision to have a Christmas tree or not?

Carol M. Johnson of Better Home and Gardens suggests an alternative to having a Christmas tree: hang several evergreen wreaths decorated with meaningful and special ornaments.

Wreath Suggestions:

  • Wreath with ornaments made by your children.
  • Wreath with favorite ornaments.
  • Wreath with homemade ornaments.
  • Wreath with themed ornaments, such as birds, snowmen, angels, etc.
  • Wreath with the traditional glass bulb ornaments.
  • Wreath with paper ornaments.
  • Wreath with crocheted, knitted, or sewn ornaments.
  • Wreath with ornaments from your own childhoods.
  • Wreath with yearly ornaments, such as 2004, 1995, etc.
  • Wreath with "first" type of ornaments, such as Baby's First Christmas.
  • Wreath with 12 Days of Christmas themed ornaments.

Carol closed her article with "After I hung them all, the ornaments seemed highlighted in a way they never before had been when half-hidden on a tree. A flood of memories settled on each wreath, like family pictures on a wall. Change is inevitable, as are empty nests and laugh lines."
Source: Carol M. Johnson. "What, no tree?" Better Homes and Gardens. December 2006, page 254.

Send us your ideas and pictures for decorating the emtpy nest wreaths and we'll create a gallery of the photos.

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