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Here are resources to help answer the question if cohabitation a good choice for the two of you. Living together is a decision that should not be made in haste.
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Cohabitation Facts and Statistics
Facts and statistics concerning cohabiting couples in the United States.

Can the Catholic Church Deny Marriage to a Couple Who is Living Together?
Answer to the question about denying marriage to a cohabiting Catholic couple.

Cohabitation Poll
Some researchers say that living together increases the potential for divorce. What do you think? Answer our poll on cohabitation.

Definition of cohabiting.

Cohabiting Seniors
The percentage of unmarried couples 65 and older has risen significantly. Here are some of the reasons senior citizens are choosing living together rather than marriage.

Living Together
From your About.com Guide, we ask, is cohabitation a good choice?

Cohabiting Better for Men; Marriage Better for Women
When it comes to mental health, it seems that living together is better for the guys, but marriage is better for the gals.

Books on Money Management for Cohabiting Couples
Couples who live together need to handle finances carefully and with full communication with one another. Here are some books on money management for cohabiting couples.

Legal Agreements for Cohabiting Couples
Cohabitation has legal ramifications. Here are legal agreements for cohabiting couples.

Article 134 of UCMJ - Cohabitation, Wrongful
In the military, cohabitation can present a problem for your career.

Why Bother?
Why couples are deciding not to bother with marriage.

Ask Rabbi Lerner: Cohabiting Jewish Couples
Cohabitation from a Jewish perspective.

Improving Marriage After Cohabitation
Here are ten ways to increase the chances that your marriage will be a success.

Living Together Before Marriage
Marriage Builders gives background research on why they don't recommend living together before marriage.

The Legal Rights of Unmarried Cohabitants in Maryland
This pdf document includes a sample cohabitation agreement along with information about leases, children, support and property issues, legal status of unmarried cohabitants, and more.

Cohabiting Before Marriage
Pros & cons, what's right, what's wrong.

The "NEVERS" of Living Together
Jared Laskin talks about cohabitation.

Should We Live Together?
What you need to know about cohabitation before marriage. A comprehensive review of research from the The National Marriage Project.

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