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Lack of communication is a primary reason marriages fail. Couples have to learn to communicate and listen to one another effectively.
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Feeling Helpless in Your Marriage
There will be times in your marriage when you cannot help your spouse or your spouse won't be able to help you. There will be times when all you can do for someone you love is to listen. There will be times when all someone can give to you is a hug.

Can We Talk? -- Tips For When You Have to Talk
When you have to have "the talk", don't say "we have to talk." Here are tips and suggestions to help you deal with having a difficult conversation with your spouse.

Have-To Versus Want-To
Watch how often you use the words "have-to" and "want-to" when talking with your spouse. When you say you have to do something, do you really have to do it, or is it something you want to do?

Definition of the term stonewalling and how it applies to communication in a marriage relationship.

Want a Great Marriage?
If you want a great marriage you need to talk to one another so that your marriage will be great and not just good. Check out this list of phrases that married couples often say to one another.

Is Negativity Hurting Your Marriage?
Negativity can come in the form of cynicism, criticism, whining, attacking, pessimism, discontent, perfectionism, and hyperintensity. All of these behaviors can push people away, including spouses.

How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?
No matter how long a couple has been together, there are always more things to learn about one another. If the two of you disagree on some of these statements, talk about them in more depth.

Talk, Talk, Talk: The Importance of Conversation in Marriage
When a couple reaches the point of not having anything to say to one another, their marriage is in serious trouble. Here are some tips on why conversation in a marriage is so essential, and topics to talk about.

Manipulation in Marriage
All of us know how to be manipulative. Manipulation can be subtle or manipulation can be very obvious. Regardless, manipulation is damaging to your marriage.

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