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Looking for Things to Talk About?

Are You Tired of Conversations About the News, Weather, and Kids?


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If the only topics of conversation between you and your spouse are the news, the weather, and your children, take a look at these discussion starters. They will give you more things to talk about and will help the two of you know one another more deeply.

  • How Well Do You Know Your Spouse?
    No matter how long a couple has been together, there are always more things to learn about one another.

  • Questions to Ask One Another
    Although these questions should have been talked about before you married one another, it is never to late to open the lines of communication between you about these issues.

  • The Ten Most Important Questions to Discuss
    Here are the most important questions and topics you should have discussed prior to getting married. Compromise is usually not an option if the two of you disagree on these issues that can be deal breakers.

  • Comments You Should and Shouldn't Make to One Another
    Do any of the following statements (both ones people like to hear and ones people don't like to hear) seem familiar to you and your spouse?

  • More Things to Talk About
    Here are some tips on why conversation in a marriage is so essential, and topics to talk about.

  • Monthly Archive of Daily Questions
    Even if you aren't in to writing to one another daily, these dialogue questions can be the start of some great conversations between the two of you.

Although many topics like the news, weather, and your kids are necessary to talk about, make sure that the two of you broaden your conversations to include more than just the practical aspects of your marriage.

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