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Deal With Conflict

Every marriage relationship will have marital conflict and hostility during difficult times. Learning how to handle these problems, knowing when to seek a therapist's help and being able to forgive are some of the keys to making matrimony successful.
  1. Forgiveness

Agree to Disagree and Avoid Blow-ups and Stay Sane in Your Marriage
Don't fool yourselves by thinking that you can or should agree on everything.

Gunnysacking is putting your old complaints and hurt feelings in a mental gunny sack and then dropping them on your spouse all at once. It's not fair.

Do You Ever Agree to Disagree?
Agreeing to disagree is an important communication skill used by many couples. Do you use this strategy?

How to Fight Fairly
The way a married couple fights can often tell psychologists more than what they fight about. If done correctly, conflict can strengthen a marriage.

Why You Should Apologize
An apology is more than saying "I'm sorry." An apology is an attempt to admit you made a mistake, hurt someone's feelings, did something really stupid, made a bad decision, etc.

How Do You Handle Conflict in Your Marriage?
Readers share their stories of how they handle conflict in their marriage. See submissions

Upset Spouse?
Face it. There are times when your spouse will be upset. Maybe your spouse will be upset with you. Maybe your spouse will be upset with someone or something that has nothing to do with you.

What Upsets You?
What upsets you in your marriage?

Happy Couples Fight
Peace at any price or fear of rocking the boat will hurt a marriage relationship. It's OK to fight! Just fight fair.

Why Do You Fight?
Every marriage relationship will have some fights. The key to not allowing these fights to create hostility in your marriage is to know what you are fighting about, to understand why you are fighting, to know how to fight fair, and to forgive one another.

Conflict Issues to Talk About Before You are Married
Being able to handle conflict in a positive way is a key ingredient to having a successful marriage.

Conflict Mythology
Why we really argue!

Should She Stay or Should She Go?
Hillary's Dilemma.

The Ten Worst Ways to Handle Conflict
If you don't want to create more problems in your marriage, read these examples of negative and even destructive attitudes and communication patterns.

Anger Toolkit
Four proven techniques for managing anger.

Controlling Anger -- Before It Controls You
Provided by the American Psychological Association, this article covers anger management, strategies to keep anger at bay, and help in knowing if you need counseling.

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