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Throughout your marriage, you and your spouse will find your marriage relationship enriched and strengthened if you continue to work on your communication skills through courses and workshops. Here is a listing of on-line marriage courses, conferences, educational programs, and encounters.
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  2. Online Courses (14)
  3. Conferences (8)
  4. Workshops (11)
  5. Educational Opportunities (102)

Marriage Retreat Experiences
Many opportunities exist for married couples to enhance their marriage relationship through marriage retreats, workshops, and other educational programs. Readers respond with their personal experiences of marriage retreats and programs.

10 Weeks to a Better Marriage Relationship Email Course
This is a step-by-step email course that can help the two of you enhance your marriage relationship. Find out why expectations and myths can harm your marriage. Learn how to fight fairly. Check out ways to celebrate your coupleness. Watch movies together. Take the 90-day dialogue challenge. This is a ten-week course, delivered once each week in your email.

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