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Covenant Marriage

Although covenant marriage laws are designed to strengthen the family, it appears that few couples are willing to commit themselves to this type of marriage.

Covenant Marriage
Definition of covenant marriage.

Covenant Marriage: Pros and Cons
The bottom line of most covenant marriage laws is that a couple can't get a divorce easily. This means that when a couple gets their marriage license they must choose how they would end their marriage.

Covenant Marriage Statistics
It appears that covenant marriage legislation is not popular with newlyweds and may not be the highly hoped for answer to high divorce rates.

Covenant Marriage in Louisiana
A look at the decision couples in Louisiana will have to make when they apply for a marriage license there.

States That Allow Covenant Marriage and Divorce
More details are offered on this website concerning the state laws regarding covenant marriage.

Can Legislation Lower the Divorce Rate
From the 1998 CMFCE Annual Conference, David Blankenhorn's and a panel of marriage experts' view on the impact of covenant marriage laws on the divorce rate in the United States.

Covenant Marriage Bills
Listed chronologically, and by state, a listing of current and past covenant marriage legislation.

Covenant Marriage, What is it?
Explanation from a legal perspective.

The First Covenant Marriage Proposal
A trip back to 1947 when France was considering changing provisions in the divorce laws.

Free to Commit
This articles questions why people are against covenant marriages.

Is Covenant Marriage a Solution to the High Divorce Rate?
Interesting article by Kim Leon, Ph.D. that explains the pros and cons of covenant marriage legislation.

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