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Marital Problems

Successful marriages know how to deal with difficult situations. Here is how to cope with marital problems and points of conflict such as equality/submission concerns, finances, family of origin issues, family planning, parenting, in-laws, domestic violence, sexuality problems, infidelity, gender issues, health concerns, pornography, housework and chores, stress, cultural differences, and even sleeping together.
  1. Money (23)
  2. Sex (27)
  3. Chores (14)
  4. Infidelity (43)
  5. Pornography (10)
  6. Gender Roles (12)
  7. Health Issues (34)
  8. Equality (3)
  9. Religion (44)
  10. In-Laws (14)
  11. Parenting (34)
  12. Differences (56)
  13. Holidays (91)
  14. Remodeling (5)
  15. Disasters (10)

Silliest Fight -- Silliest Thing You Fought About
What's the silliest thing the two of you have fought about?

You probably know that bickering isn't good for either your marriage or your health, yet you and your spouse still bicker. What do you bicker about and what are you doing to stop bickering?

Don't Nitpick One Another
If and when you nitpick about what your spouse has done or not done or how your spouse accomplished a task or said or wrote something, you have decided to belittle, embarrass, and demean your spouse.

Top Marriage Issues in 2008
We took a look at the emails, blog comments, and forum posts we've received and read in 2008.

Sadly, we were not surprised to see the top marriage issues are similar what we have noticed in past years.

The Big Issues in Marriage
Every married couple will have difficult issues to discuss during their marriage journey together. Here are four issues that you can not ignore.

Attitudes in Marriage
If you don't talk about your attitudes with your spouse, you could be creating a wedge between the two of you. Here's what you can do about your attitudes.

Nasty Habits Can Hurt Your Marriage
Did you realize that even minor irritating behaviors can possibly make you allergic to your spouse's annoying habits? The unsurprising results of a recent research study stated that many spouses view nasty habits as a lack of respect and that the irritating behaviors can lead to lack of romance in a marriage.

Married to a Jerk
You find yourself in love with a person you can't stand and don't like. Comments from others like "You should have known better..." or "Didn't you see it while dating..." won't help when living with a difficult person. Should you throw in the towel when the handsome prince turns into a toad? Or is there hope for such a marriage?

Secrets in Marriages
Knowing if or when to tell a secret is difficult.

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