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Divorce is a traumatic experience for all concerned. If you've truly tried everything you could to keep your marriage together, and nothing helped, then these resources can help you deal with the next phase.
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Are You at High Risk for Divorce?
If you answer "yes" to these questions, then you are statistically a higher risk for divorce than couples who have realistic expectations of one another and their marriage, communicate well, use conflict resolution skills, and are compatible with one another.

Do Good Divorces Really Exist?
Which is better for your kids? Should you stay together for the sake of the kids, or have a good divorce and set positive role models for your kids?

Good Divorce Definition
Definition of a good divorce.

Good Divorce Poll
There is a lot of controversy over the issue of the impact of divorce on children. Do you believe that good divorces exist?

Divorce Tips for Couples with Children
There is agreement among marriage and parenting experts that divorce is difficult for children. How difficult a journey they will have in life depends a great deal on how you and your former spouse handle your divorce and life after divorce. Here are some tips from two marriage experts.

"Imperfect Harmony" Review
The book, "Imperfect Harmony" is a guide for those who are in unhappy marriages and who want to stay together for the sake of their children.

New Divorce Survey
Kids seem to follow the pattern of their multiple divorced parents.

Second Time Around?
Can couples who remarry one another make a go of it? Here are some suggestions on making it work the second time around.

Dealing with Divorce
Here is a realistic view of the financial impact of divorce from the Financial Planning guide.

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