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Top 10 Questions to Determine if You are At Risk for a Divorce


If you answer "yes" to these questions, then you are statistically a higher risk for divorce than couples who have more realistic expectations of one another and their marriage, communicate well, use conflict resolution skills, and are compatible with one another.

1. Did you marry at an early age?

If you wait until you are at least 25 years old to get married, your chances of having a successful marriage increase.

2. Did you not graduate from high school?

Individuals who are educated have lower divorce rates.

3. Are you in a low-income bracket?

Money makes a difference. If your incomes together are at least $50,000, you have a 68% chance of reaching your 15th wedding anniversary.

4. Are you in an inter-faith marriage?

This doesn't necessarily doom your marriage, but it is important that you are each devoted to your own faiths and that you don't try to convert one another.

5. Did your parents divorce?

Your divorced parents raise your odds of getting a divorce by 14%. This isn't something you can change, but your awareness of the issues their divorce created in your life can make a difference in your own marriage.

6. Do you criticize or nag one another?

Don't. Lack of respect and lack of affirmation can tear the two of you apart quickly.

7. Does your spouse refuse to share chores around the house?

This is a huge red flag. Many spouses won't put up with carrying the whole load of chores alone for the long term.

8. Did you attend a premarital education class?

Attending premarital classes or counseling cuts a couple's odds of getting a divorce by a third. You can still get marriage education by attending marriage encounters or workshops.

9. Are you in a second marriage?

If your communication skills are lacking, dealing with the issues of ex-spouses and stepchildren can create a lot of division in your marriage.

10. Are you dealing with infidelity, alcoholism, drug issues, or physical abuse?

Without professional help, your marriage probably doesn't have a chance.

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