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Information About the Marriage of Elizabeth Taylor and Nicky Hilton


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Quotes About the Marriage of Elizabeth Taylor and Nicky Hilton
Elizabeth Taylor in London

Actress Elizabeth Taylor and her first husband, hotelier Conrad Hilton, at the Savoy Hotel, London, bound for Ascot, on June 14, 1950.

Photo: Keystone / Getty Images
J. Randy Taraborrelli: "Years of being kept locked up within the walls of MGM had left her with only a screenwriter's view of romance. All she wanted was to fall in love and have the kind of head-over-heels experiences she'd acted out so many times on the screen. Her idealistic ideas about love led to some truly disastrous choices over the years when it came to men starting with her first husband Nicky Hilton ... In truth, he was a violent alcoholic with serious drug and gambling problems who beat Taylor up. On one occasion he kicked her in the stomach when she was pregnant, causing her to miscarry."
Source: J. Randy Taraborrelli. "Liz Taylor: Little miss monstrous." DailyMail.co.uk. 9/02/2006.

Elizabeth: "Nicky Hilton and I are friends, too, and expect to remain so for life. We had some things to talk over recently, but reconciliation wasn't one of them. Nicky and I have no idea of ever remarrying."
Source: Elizabeth Taylor. "Liz Tells All, Says Romance Report False." Cumberland Evening Times. 10/26/1951. pg. 8.

Hedda Hopper: "All over the nation struggling young couples were making a go of marriage. Why, people asked, could not Elizabeth and Nicky, who had everything, make a success of theirs?"
Source: Hedda Hopper. "Unhappy Liz Taylor." The Salt Lake Tribune. 5/27/1951. Section M.

MGM Studio Spokesman: "Take a young fellow who has always had all the money in the world and marry him to a girl who has the adulation of millions as a screen star and you will find it seldom works out."
Source: James Padgitt. "Liz Taylor's Divorce Suit Charges 'Cruelty.'" Independent Long Beach. 12/23/1950. pg. 24.

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