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Betty Hutton and Ted Briskin Marriage Profile

Betty Hutton's First Marriage


Betty's first marriage was to Ted Briskin. They started having problems in their marriage soon after they were married.


Elizabeth "Betty" June Thornburg: February 26, 1921 in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Theodore "Ted" Briskin: Not found but Ted was raised in Chicago, Illinois.


Betty: March 11, 2007 in her apartment in Palm Springs, California at the age of 86 from complications from colon cancer. Betty's funeral was on March 14, 2007 at Forest Lawn Cemetery in Cathedral City, California.

Ted: 1980 in Los Angeles, California.


In August 1945, Betty announced that she and Ted had known one another for three months. At the end of August 1945, Ted announced their engagement.

Wedding Date:

Betty and Ted were married on September 2, 1945 in Chicago, Illinois in the Camellia house of the Drake Hotel. The decorations included white gladioli and ferns.

Lindsey Burand was matron of honor, Philip Briskin was best man. Betty's mother, Mabel Hutton, gave her away in marriage.

The wedding ceremony was performed by Federal Judge Philip L. Sullivan. Betty was 24 and Ted was 27 when they married.


Ted and Betty honeymooned in Florida.

Marriage Issues and Divorce:

The marriage problems of Ted and Betty apparently started six months after their wedding with Betty claiming that Ted was intruding into her career.

In February 1950, Betty filed for divorce saying that Ted "didn't approve of her career in films and that his conduct made her nervous."

Their interlocutory decree was issued in April 1950 but after Ted and Betty reconciled in July 1950, that decree was set aside. Betty filed a second suit against Ted in December 1950 charging him with extreme cruelty. Their divorce was finalized in January 1951.

Ted's Other Marriages:

Ted later briefly married actress Joan Dixon in Las Vegas at the Flamingo Hotel Chapel in October 1952.


Ted and Betty had two daughters.
  • Lindsay Diane Briskin: Born in 1946.
  • Candice "Candy" Elizabeth Briskin: Born in 1948.


Betty: Actress, comedian, singer, dancer. In later life she worked as a cook and housekeeper at a catholic rectory in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

Ted Briskin: Manufacturer of cameras.

Quotes About the Marriage of Betty Hutton and Ted Briskin:

Betty about meeting Ted: "I asked someone about Ted. I was told he was a Chicago camera manufacturer. Later he telephoned me and we went dancing. Before long, we were really in love."
Source: Syracuse Herald Journal. November 11, 1945.

Betty when introducing Ted to friends in Hollywood: "Isn't he handsome? Isn't he rugged? I could never find anything like that in Hollywood. I had to go to Chicago. Great town, Chicago. Say you ought to try this married life. It's the only way to live."
Source: The Capital. October 12, 1945.

Louella Parsons about Betty and Ted, 1945: "It was love at first sight for Betty Hutton and Briskin. I've talked to a lot of newlyweds in the many years I have been writing on movie marriages, but I doubt if I ever have seen any couple as ecstatically happy as Betty and her Chicago groom, Ted Briskin. Ted is young, he's good looking, and best of all he's as crazy about Betty as she is about him -- and that's saying a lot."
Source: Syracuse Herald Journal. November 11, 1945.

Jimmie Fidler about Betty and Ted's stormy relationship in his column in 1946: "Every time Betty and Ted have a battle -- and with two such fiery temperaments, they are bound to have quite a few -- the bombshell will tear off to her studio, 'weeping hysterically' and declaring that all is over between them. Then will come a period of suspense, the awful waiting to see of they really mean it this time. Following that, if they run true to form, will come the big reconciliation scene, with pictures, of course, and love will reign supreme, for a while. I hope I'm wrong, but, from where I sit, the above seems a fair picture of the future life of Betty Hutton and I-love-him-so-dearly Ted Briskin."
Source: Charleston Daily Mail. March 4, 1946.

Ted Briskin at the time of their reconciliation: "We've reached a new understanding. We're sure we're going to be happy."
Source: Waterloo Daily Courier. August 6, 1950.

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