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How Christie Brinkley's Marriages Ended


All of Christie Brinkley's previous marriages have ended in divorce.

Christie Brinkley's Divorces

Jean-Francois Allaux: Christie has said that their marriage ended because they were both two young. They divorced in 1981. He remarried and lives in Jamestown, Rhode Island with his wife and two sons.

Olivier Chandon de Brailles: Olivier died in a race-car crash during a private pre-season practice session on March 2, 1983 at the Moroso Motorsports Park in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida. The car crashed through a barrier and went into a canal. He drowned because he was pinned in the car. NYT -- Racer Drowned After Car Crashed

Billy Joel: Reasons for their divorce included differences in where they wanted to live, rumors of Billy's infidelity, and the amount of time that Billy was on tour and away from home. The announcement of the end of their marriage came in March, 1994. They divorced August 25, 1994 but remained on friendly terms.

Richard Taubman: They divorced in 1995 after announcing she was leaving Richard seven weeks after their son was born. Financial issues were rumored to be the reason for the end of their short marriage. Apparently, Richard didn't repay a $1.5 million loan from Christie. In the divorce settlement, it was reported that he agreed to forfeit his visitation rights with Jack.

Peter Cook: On July 12, 2006, Christie and Peter announced they were separating. A week later, on July 18, 2006, a 19-year old employee of Peter's firm, Diana Bianchi, revealed she and Peter had a one-year affair. Christie learned of the affair from Diana's father and then discovered intimate emails between Peter and Diana. Their marriage ended with a divorce settlement on 7/10/2008. Christie won sole custody of Jack and Sailor, will pay Peter Cook $2.1 million, and keeps properties in the Hamptons.

Christie Brinkley Quotes about Marriage and About Her Husbands

Christie Brinkley's Marriages and Relationships

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